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Hattrick Youthclub is a browser-based tool to help you manage and analyse your Hattrick youth academy. You can manage all your current and former youth academy players, as well as adding all league and friendly matches and also each player's stars, ratings and coach comments. This can be done either automatically or by 'copy & paste' but that's not all………

  • Scout and coach comments are clearly laid out and each player's current and potential skill levels are listed. One glance is enough to see if a player has reached his maximum skill level or how far he is away from it.
  • In Hattrick’s Youth Academy there (skill-) twins. We can detect them and offer additional skill information to you.
  • Because players that have been rejected (by other users) can be added, you have the chance to receive additional information about a player's skills.
  • Using our lineup help you can find the perfect lineup. Afterwards you can send it via CHPP to Hattrick (if you are a Hattrick Supporter).
  • If you want to know which position is the best for a certain player or if a player fits into your training regime for the senior team, then use skill analyzer - Here you can learn the level of your players, in a particular skill.
  • In addition, you can create a diagnosis, within seconds, of the skills of your individual players based upon their star ratings. The analyses are based upon a steadily growing data-base and as the data-base grows these analyses will become more and more accurate.
  • One of our newest features is the Calendar. In this calendar you can see training results and future matches, the skill-ups (pops) of your players, from the past, are displayed and you can also see a prediction of any future skill-ups. The birthdays of your players and the day on which you may promote them are, of course, also displayed. And more - but take a look yourself.

If this was still not enough for you, Hattrick Youthclub also offers many other useful features:

  • How many days it is before a player can be promoted to the senior team.
  • You can see if a player will not be able to play anymore in your academy (now or in the near future) because of his age.
  • A profit and loss account for your youth academy, which gives you feedback on how profitable your academy is.
  • Furthermore, Hattrick Youthclub offers many other small useful tools and information.

We are continuously working on the development of new tools and therefore it is always worth taking a look at our blog, facebook und twitter; to stay up-to-date with any changes.

Important! In November 2008 Hattrick Youthclub received a CHPP license and since February 2009 we have been able to offer data synchronisation with Hattrick! However, the synchronisation is limited because Hattrick does not provide all the data necessary, for the youth academy.
Click here to see what information is be provided, for the youth academy, via CHPP? → CHPP-Info

Videos are used to show any new features and how it will work. To see more explanatory videos, go to Getting started

Getting Started

Sync (players, matches, scouts, etc.)

The automatic sync, which runs every 12h (if you are active on HY), fetches all important updates/news (player, matches, scouts, etc.) from Hattrick. If you want to sync preliminary you can click on the large sync button on top of the page. At the end of the sync you get an information about all news and have to confirm the changes as well.

Add rejected player

If one of your players was scouted and rejected by another manager before, you can get the former scouting information (if the other manager as entered them to HY). Thus it is important that you also enter the scouting information of the player you have rejected on Hattrick (Foxtrick can support you by doing it). Detailed information can be found here.

Detailed Description

The following detailed instructions are are roughly about all menu items.

Players page

Detailed information can be found here.

Player's attributes page

Detailed information can be found here.


Detailed information can be found here.

Here, all promoted players that you have not sold or fired so far and their skills are listed. The following points describe functions which have not yet been explained in the menu item “Players”.

Edit Skills

Please do ONLY change a skill because of mistyping it and NOT because of an improvement due to training in the senior team. Those changes will be detected later on when he is sold.

Insert failed tranfers

If you want to sell a player, but noone buys him, you will have to pay 1000 € transfer costs anyway. Because we also take this is into account, these failed transfer sales have to be registered at Hattrick youthclub too. To do so, you click on the promoted player page on the concerning player name and then at the right side underneath “failed tranfers” you click on the white box from which a calendar pops up, where you select the date. Now click on add!.
False registered data can be deleted!

Rejected players page

Detailed information can be found here.

Matches page

Detailed information can be found here.

Line up page

On the “Lineup” site the players' orientation is shown as follows:

offensiv - defensive
defensiv - offensive
zur Mitte hin - To the middle
nach Außen - To the wing

If a player had a weather event, behind the star rating appears a sun behind clouds Wetter-Event with a + or a – (depending on whether it was a good or a bad event)

At the top there is a “select box “ which you can use to get to the lineup of a different match (five matches before and after the one you have currently selected).


In the calendar already played games are displayed, these are linked to the line up page of the match. In addition, you can see the future games here. If a player had a skill-up during a game, this is shown on the calendar as well as the forecasted skill-ups.
Besides, the birthdays and the ealiest date on which you can promote the player are displayed here.
Also you can see here when you can arrange the next friendly match, or when you can challenge your opponent if you have already found one in our Friendly pool.
Of course, personal notes can be added to the calendar!

You can integrate your calendar in your calendar software using the iCAL link on top of the calendar. Thus you can see all relevant youth team events in your calendar software or on your mobile phone.

A look at calendar is worthwhile in any case

Friendly pool

Detailed information can be found here.

Line-up help

Detailed information can be found here.

Skill analyses

At the skill analysis you can see the star rating for every skill (on the relevant positions) as well as the skill levels of the seperate players. To see the exact number of minutes the player has been trained in each skill just click in the topmost line on “Show training minutes”.
If a player had one, or more weather event(s), then the best WE is displayed through a cloud (with a + for a positive and a - for a negative WE) which is added to the best performance without weather event. If the player has completed only one game at that position and have had a weather event, only the cloud appears. If move the mouse over the cloud, you will see the star rating for the corresponding performance.

Player skill matrix

Here, you can see the players’ current as well as maximum skill levels (if known) clearly arranged in a matrix. If the player is fully trained a lock appears behind the skill level.
If we do not know the maximum skill, we warn you with an exclamation point in a stop sign . The calculated current skill could possibly be better than in in realilty, because the player may already have been fully trained in this skill, while we add up the “received training” to his skill.
A hint for training (by the coach), we show by an exclamation point in a yellow triangle Trainingstipp. In the skillmatrix the gradient adapts to the skill level. If a player has a low skill level, it will be highlighted in yellow. The higher the skill level the darker the colour (via orange to red/brown).

You can share this page with others (show them to others), by clicking on the following icon:

Player position matrix

Here you can see the star ratings your current players got for all their positions and orientations. If they got a lower rating, it will be highlighted in yellow. The higher the star rating the darker the colour (via orange to red/brown).
If a player had one, or more weather event(s), then the best WE is displayed through a cloud (with a + for a positive and a - for a negative WE) which is added to the best performance without weather event. If the player has completed only one game at that position and have had a weather event, only the cloud appears. If move the mouse over the cloud, you will see the star rating for the corresponding performance.

Scout page

Detailed information can be found here.

Finance page

The Finance page is your academy’s profit and loss statement. If you have frequently inserted all the necessary data, you will see a complete overview over all the academy’s earnings and expenses. Down on the right you will hopefully see a green number – this would represent a profit.;-)
You can choose between two different variants of financial statistics:

  1. Based on actual sales price - These financial statistics are based on actual sales, so the value that the players have actually made, regardless of whether they were being trained in the senior team.
  2. Based on the average transfer price, at the time of promotion - This statistic only takes into account the value that the players have when they are promoted (therefore you have to insert the average transfer price, when the player is promoted), regardless of whether the player was later sold or not.

You can manually adjust the financial statement by editing the finance of each player. To do so, just click on the players name. On the player attributes / details page you find an icon linking to the player’s finance statement. There you can add additional costs or profits for your player.


When you play against a team (league or friendly), that comes from a country that you never played against, (home and away matches are separated) your team gets coolness points. Condition for the HY-Coolness is that the manager of the team you play against, is registered with us, otherwise no points will be distributed. (because we can´t know from what country the team is)! The amount of points depends on the number of teams from a country that use our tool. That is, the fewer managers who are registered with us from this country, the more points it will get you, if you arrange a friendly against them.
You can see your points, when you click above the menu bar on your own manager's name. There you can see at what place you are in the ranking.

General Statistics


Here, the number of currently active users is recorded and what data they have inserted so far.
Also shown here is how extensive the site has become, by specifying the size/scope of source code and the database.


Which languages have our users picked? Which country are they from? Which currency do they use? In addition, here you find the statistics of donations, so far, most donations come from Germany, make sure that it stays that way … or that it will change (depends where you come from)!

Coach and scout comments

Here you see in which category, for all academies, the most scout and coach comments are received.


Here you can see for each country, how many players are seached in which regions and what player type was searched for. Note that, of course, we can only consider the players/regions which have been registered with us.

Top 20

Here, the 20 best players from the entire Hattrick Youthclub are listed in the categories highest TSI and highest transfer price. Cheating won’t help your player to appear in this list – all the values are checked regularly and the entries will be deleted/adjusted if necessary.


Here you can see what the other Youthclub users have picked as primary and secondary training in the last 32 weeks.

Team statistics

Top 10 players

This is about your youthteam players.

  • Who had the highest TSI?
  • Which players had the biggest transfer price?
  • Who achieved the most stars, who received a yellow card most frequently and who the most red?
  • Who scored the most goals?
  • Who was in the line up most often?

Top 10 players

This is about your youthteam matches.

  • HatStats-Ratings
  • Ratings
  • Stars

Partner page

We work together with certain websites, in the future it will be possible that many professional manager tools load your data from our site, so that you can manage your youthplayers together with the professionals. Others check, when you promote a player to the professionals, if he is a candidate for the U20. Who else is working with us, or has a license from us can be found on this page.


Among many other countless benefits Foxtrick also provides some interesting features for users of Hattrick Youth Club.

Use Foxtrick to make using Hattrick Youthclub easier too!

HY-Team page

Who works on this project – this is where we introduce ourselves. Moreover, you can use this page to contact us. If you want to write an email to all of us, just click on Send message to the team. Otherwise select the user you want to contact and then click on Send message to User. Here you will also find those users that can answer you in your own language.

Who is online

Here you can see who is currently online. By clicking on the user name you can see his or her profile. The profile shows you how many data this user has inserted so far. Furthermore, you can send him or her an internal message.


In the “Settings” pages you are able change the settings for your account.


Here you can change your username and password. Additionally, you can configure, if you want to use another language on HY as on HT.

Settings Pages

By clicking on the various page-tabs, you are able to change the following:

  • The order in which the skills are shown.
  • If NT-U20 scouts are allowed to see your players - as long as they are good enough :-)
  • If you want to disable the automatic log-out feature
  • Enable or disable player avatars
  • Speciality icon theme
  • Etc.

Personal Data

On this page of the settings, you can add your ICQ number, MSN/Skype name and Facebook profile. Then, if there are any problems we are then able to contact you faster, to help resolve the error or help you with your problem. Besides, you can then easily get in touch with one another.

Hattrick Youthclub security code

Here you can enter a password that is needed by other sites or programs that use your Hattrick Youthclub data. Our partners, that we are currently working with, can be seen here - partner page.

Training effect

On “Settings Pages” you can also determine how strong your training effect should be (primary, secondary, osmosis, individual training etc.), if you don’t wish to use the default settings. These values are important because they determine the number of training minutes, that is shown for each of your players on Hattrick Youthclub.

We recommend to use the default training settngs. They have to be proven to be right for many managers and their players. For certain players the settings may not fit, if the player is a fast or slow learner. Please note, if you adjust the training settings for a single player, you probably run into the problem that the settings no longer fit for the others.


If you have donated money to us, you have gotten credits. On this page you can see how many credits are on your account and you can set-up for which features you want to use them (i.e. hiding advertisements, using the calendard in an external software, searching for twins more than once a week, etc.)

Advanced Preferences

Here you can configure advanced preferences…

  • Configure the number of decimals for the sub(skill).
  • Deactivate the automatic sync.
  • Deactivate popop news about player skill changes.
  • Etc.

Report a bug

Also, we are not infallible. It’s possible that errors can creep in. Should this happen, please consult our Known issues site (in the navigation on the left) first. If the bug has not allready been reported, go to the page where the bug appeared/appears on and click on Report a bug at the top right corner of the page. Please describe the bug itself and what led to it in as much detail as possible.



Here you can discuss with other youthclub people, or ask your questions. For each language we offer, we have a country with a general “Talk” forum and a question forum. In addition, there is an english-global forum for the international exchange.


If other users are chatting, you please keep to the official chat-language English, so that no one is excluded. You can also open “private” chat rooms, where you can speak directly with other managers. Click with the right mouse button in the list of present people, on the name of the concerning manager.


As you can imagine and also see in the statistics the whole project is very time-consuming – which is especially nasty for students like us! ;-) On top of that, we caused a lot of data traffic and cpu load, for which we have to pay each month 85 € server costs. Nevertheless, we want this tool to be free now as well as in the future, so can be used by a big group of people. In order to be minimally compensated for our enormous time spending and expenses, we added three banners on our site, but we made sure that these are disturbing as little as possible. Furthermore, there is the possibility to send us a donation so that we can continue to run this project and can continue to develop. To make a donation you simply click on upper right side on donate click.
We also added some Premium-Features to HY. These features lead to higher costs because they cause high cpu load or more network traffic. Thus you have to use your credits to use them. All features are design as they are in hattrick, you can gain no in-game advantage by them. For more information login to HY.

Small donations are also very welcome and will help us further! :-)
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