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Friendly - Pool

Friendly - Pool

Find Opponent

On the Friendly-Pool page you can find the required opponents for your youth team's friendly matches. You can choose from the country of the opponent you want to play against, where you want to play the match and under which rules (normal or cup). It is also possible to enter your details and requirements, if no friendly is currently available. Please remember, even when you have found a friendly opponent on HY, the game is not automatically booked on Hattrick and you must still do this yourselves.

Why can't I challenge my opponent?

If your own youth-league or the one of your opponent is paused and no new fixture list has been announced, then it it is not possible to book a youth friendly. On the youth-league page, on Hattrick, it will show when the new fixture list will be made.
If the youth-league of your opponent is paused: On the Youth-league page of your opponent you can see when the new fixture list will be made and after this you will be able to challenge your opponent. If you cannot wait so long (maybe because your League match takes place at the same time), then you can look for a different opponent. If this is the case, please make sure that you contact the original opponent that was allotted to you and explain the situation to them. It is also your responsibility, as the person canceling, to contact us and report the situation!
If your own youth-league is paused: On the Friendly-Pool page, you can report that your youth-league is paused. Your opponent can then look for another opponent for themselves.

Report your opponent

If you designated opponent has booked another friendly even though were matched to play him in the HY Friendly-Pool, you can report this to us on the Friendly-Pool page. Sanctions for this, can include being barred from the HY Pool, in the future.

You were reported:

If you were reported for missing a friendly, booked via the HY Friendly-Pool and you do no think that this is correct; then you can contact us and appeal the decision here and we will look at the case.

For the Manual click here!
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