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Previously Rejected Players

Previously Rejected Players

Purpose: The scout always mentions two of the three best potential skills but which of the skills he mentions is random. So, if a player you hire has been previously scouted by another manager, you can obtain additional information about the player. Therefore, it is important that you always register your rejected players too!

If Hattrick Youthclub thinks one of your players has previously been scouted and rejected, by another team, then the 'hand' icon - Von wem wurde der Spieler zuvor gescoutet will appear next to his name; on both your squad overview page and on his 'Details' page.
Clicking the icon will reveal the one, or possibly more, team(s) that could have rejected your player, before your scout found him for you. To confirm which team(s) actually did reject your player you will have to check your players 'Memorable Moments', on Hattrick. If the clubs listed on Hattrick Youthclub are indeed in your player's 'Memorable Moments' list then you can mark them and the scout report that the previous team received, for your player, will be revealed. With a bit of luck the report will contain new information about your player's skills.

Rejected players page

Here you can register the players you have rejected.

Should a player that you have registered be hired by another manager, then the name of this manager will be shown on the rejected player's page. By clicking on Spieler you can see the skills of the player that you refused.

Add rejected player

Because it is our wish is that our playerscollection gets as big as possible so more managers can enjoy additional information, it is indispensable that you also insert the players that you reject to become part of your youth academy, and insert them as rejected player.

This can be done with just a few clicks. You have to copy the complete text from the scout (starting with “Call with”) and insert it at the menupoint “rejected players” and then “Add rejected player!”. You can also take a look at the video.

With the help of Foxtrick this process is easier, because Foxtrick does send information about the rejected player automatically to HY.
For the Manual click here!
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