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Prognose Prognose— The Prediction/Diagnosis column shows an estimated figure based on the relevant skills and the respective position. For this calculation the database is scanned for comparable players - ones who have achieved a similar number of ‘Stars’ and are not contradictory with the known abilities of your players. For the default settings, we take the known skill levels (actual and potential) to make the base criteria. However, you can also make additional adjustments to further refine the prediction or to see how possible future skill changes may affect things.
Please note - as more managers use this site, the number of players and their data increases and thus the accuracy of the prediction. (So, why not tell you friends and Federation members about the site)

The best (At best) and the worst (At worst) values are shown, which a comparable player has reached (that is, the value that the mentioned player can reach based upon his revealed skills). Then the expected value that the player actually has (estimated value) is shown. You can also see the estimated value of the player, on the transfer market.
A probability forecast, is also shown; the greater the value of this forecast, the higher the accuracy is! The probability forecast is calculated as follows:
((Accuracy of the database)*(Comparable number of players)³)/100

If, during a match, a player has a weather event then this performance is not taken into account, only the best performances that were achieved under 'normal' conditions are used.
For the Manual, click here!
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