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1. General

1.1 Manual

The manual can be found here!

1.2 Bug Report

If you still have problems, please fill out a 'bug-report' for the applicable match! → How do I report a bug?

1.3 CHPP

What can be downloaded with CHPP? →CHPP-Info

2. Synchronization

2.1 Why my (current) players / matches were not inserted into HY?

HY automatically syncs your Hattrick information (after your first login/activity each 12 hours). If this sync has (for whatever reason) not started, you can start it manually by clicking on the large sync button (flashing green/red) on top of the page.

2.2 Why is my promoted player marked as fired?

If you sync directly after you have promoted a player, this player may will be suggested for firing. This problem occurs because the player is not yet in the CHPP file for senior players of Hattrick. When you sync again (a few moments later) this player is unmarked as fired and will be suggested as promoted from youth so senior to you! You can start the synchronization manually by clicking on the link at the top menu.

2.3 Why is my promoted/sold player not detected?

During matches of the team your player belongs to (matches of your team or matches of the team of the new owner), we cannot fetch all information we need to detect that the player was promoted or sold. Therefore this information/change is not provided to you. With the next sync (when no match takes place for the player) the player will be suggested for promotion or sale.

2.4 The sync gets stuck, what can I do?

This problem mainly occurs if you are using Internet Explorer (IE) as Browser. Please follow the guide in the following link to adjust IE to work with the sync as well → IE-Support

2.5 Why are one or all player(s) not shown in the lineup?

There are multiple possible reasons:

  • May you have put this player on ignore, then no information about that player at all are inserted into HY. If you do no longer want to ignore the player, you can remove them from the ignored players list by clicking on “Players → Ignored” in the menu bar. Please note, that the player and his information will be added with the next sync. To add the player to already imported match, you have to delete the match first and then sync again.
  • If no player at all are listed on the lineup in HY, there is a decent chance that CHPP had a problem. Delete the match and sync again (when the CHPP problems are gone).

2.6 Can I disable the automatic synchronization?

Yes, click on “Settings” → “Advanced Preferences” in the menu at the bottom bar. When you disable the automatic sync, please do not forget to manually sync regularly.

We really recommend to use the automatic sync, because this is the only way to ensure that everything is updated correctly.

2.7 I cannot finish the post sync dialog because saving fails

If you cannot finish the post sync dialog here are some advises:

  • Maybe it is just a temporarily glitch. Please have a try again later.
  • Please have a look at the browser error console, maybe you find a useful information there.
  • Try to disable all browser addons/extensions - these can cause such kind of problem.
  • Try another browser.
  • Try to disable you anti-virus software (only temporarily!!!)
  • Try another pc, maybe a friend of a friend/colleague in another network.

Nothing has worked? Report a problem with stating the error in the browser error console.

3. Teams

3.1 I deleted my team on Hattrick but it is still here on HY

We do not automatically delete your team on HY when you delete it on Hattrick since we want to enable you to see your old (financial) data. If you create a new Team on Hattrick it will be removed automatically. If you want to get rid of it, go to your account settings on HY and press the corresponding button.

3.2 How can I re-order my teams?

The teams are ordered in the same manner as on Hattrick. Right now there is no option to re-order your teams. We may will introduce this option later.

4. Miscellaneous

4.1 A coach comment was not recognized, what should I do?

The most frequent reason is that you tried to enter the comment for the wrong match. So, please check that you have tried to import the comment for the right match first. Other possible reason are:

  • The player was not in the line up for the applicable match… → Why was my player not shown in the line-up.
  • You did not copy the comment completely. For example, part of a comment is missing; maybe from the beginning or the end. Our program requires the whole comment to recognize it
If you have checked both of these and there is still a problem, it will probably be because of a new or updated coach comment. If so, please contact the appropriate translator. → HY-Team
We recommend to use Foxtrick. Foxtrick sends (when you read the comment for the first team) the match report (coach comments) automatically to hattrick youthclub and we insert them to the corresponding match. This also works, when the match is not inserted to HY yet. When you add the match, we add the comments as well.

4.2 Password or Username lost?

After entering a wrong password or username, you can enter a new password by clicking on “I forgot my password”. There you can enter your username, then we redirect you to Hattrick where you have to login to provide access. Afterwards your new username and password is shown. You can change your password in your “Settings”!

4.3 My login does no longer work

Sometimes (normally due to CHPP problems) the connection between your HT and HY account get lost and thus HY does not know, that you are registered with HY. There is a simple solution: Just register again with HY. Your new and old account get merged and you get access to all your data again.

4.4 I changed the training on HT but HY does not recognize it

There are no CHPP data from HT about the youth training settings. When you have installed Foxtrick, Foxtrick is able to note training setting changes and send it to us! Please get the latest Foxtrick and ensure that interaction with HY is working properly

4.5 Coach reports and rejected players are not inserted automatically

There are no CHPP data from HT about coach reports and rejected players. Thanks to Foxtrick cooperation we are able to get these information from HT via Foxtrick. To use this comfort make sure, that you have installed the latest Beta of Foxtrick and enabled interaction of Foxtrick with HY (you have to accept, that Foxtrick is allowed to communicate with hattrick-youtclub.org.

3. Foxtrick

Hattrick Youthclub Error 401

Please open Foxtrick preferences and look for this message: https://i.imgur.com/7vZoJTe.png

Press “Save” and select “Allow” in the prompt that appears: https://i.imgur.com/NDBGpz2.png

If there is no “Save” button, export your settings somewhere safe, remove Foxtrick and reinstall it.

4. Stuck in Authentication with Hattrick (endless loop)

Sometimes the CHPP Token for HY on Hattrick is broken and you will be stucked in a loop of endless Authentication with Hattrick. Follow this guide to resolve it:

There is a workaround:

  1. Login to HT.
  2. Remove HY from the list of CHPP applications you have granted access to on HT
  3. Afterwards you should be able to grant access on HY again and use HY, finally :).
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