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Player relevance / usefulness

Player relevance / usefulness

The relevance of a player describes how much attention you should pay to this player. You should pay more attention to a player with a high relevance than to a player with a low relevance.

To distinguish between outfield players and goalkeepers we use different color bars, green and blue respectively.

We determine two values for the player’s relevance. On the one hand the minimum relevance (dark bar), which is calculated based on the current (known) skills of the player and on the other hand the maximum relevance (light bar) which is the maximum possible relevance of the player.

As you collect more information about your player, the minimum and maximum relevance will get closer to each other. In the process, the minimum relevance may stay at the same level or increase, while the maximum relevance can decrease or stay at the same level.

How is the relevance calculated?

The relevance is determined by using different factors. Altogether we use a rather complex formula including several case differentiations. Nevertheless here are the different factors that are used: We use …

  • … the current and potential skills known from Hattrick as well as the skill information solely known in HY (from twins, rejected players, current skill estimations) to calculate the relevance.
  • … the stars ratings that your player got, for the different positions, to roughly estimate the current and potential skill levels for your player.
  • … the speciality to determine if your player is an outfield player or keeper (keepers do not have a specialty in youth academies). Additionally the relevance increases if the player's speciality corresponds to his skills.
  • … the known top3-skills to calculate and limit the cap for unknown skills and detect if the player is an outfield player or keeper.
  • … the all-rounder skill and the known top3-skills to determine the potentials of the remaining top3-skills.
  • … the age and earliest day of promotion, to the senior squad, of the player. If a player was scouted when he was rather young he can be fielded for many matches until his 17th birthday and thus get a better relevance rating as a player who was scouted i.e. in the age of 17 years.

Additionally …

  • … we lower the relevance for outfield players …
    • … with (high) non-fitting skills (defending, shooting), …
    • … with only a high passing skill and …
    • … if they are Multi-Skillers.
  • … we take a close look at the combination of goalkeeping and defending skill for keepers. So a keeper with solid goalkeeping and weak defending gets a higher relevance as a keeper than with a weak goalkeeping and solid defending skill.

Based on this information we calculate the minimum and maximum relevance and display them as the relevance range.

The formula can be found here (written in PHP): https://github.com/mackshot/hattrick-youthclub/blob/master/relevance.php

From which relevance level should I give increased attention to a player?

There is no general answer to this question. Especially since it is important to distinguish between the minimum and maximum relevance here. Scouted players have a very high maximum relevance and a very low minimum relevance, in the beginning because only a small amount of information is available. Basically, the closer the minimum relevance is to the maximum relevance, the higher is the meaningfulness of the relevance. So you should try (as always) to reveal as much information, as possible, about your player by fielding him whenever possible.

After a decent amount of time, when you have revealed several bits of information about your players and the minimum and maximum relevance have got closer together, it is rather simple to identify who is of great interest and who is not.

What is not considered and/or what else should I do know?

It is impossible for us to consider all possible aspects in our calculation and thus we have to make some approximations, assumptions and simplifications.

In general our calculation method favors Multi-Skillers. For instance, a player who can get inadequate in two skills, can have a higher relevance than a player who can get solid in one skill and have pretty poor remaining skills. Such Mono-Skillers may get a lower relevance rating, just as some users would rate them personally. Please keep that in mind. We want to compensate this problem, as mentioned above, by slightly reducing the relevance for multi-skillers in general.

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