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Current Skill Estimate

Current Skill Estimate

What is it?

It can take some time until the trainer has revealed all the relevant skills and so we can help you by estimating, in advance, a player's current skill levels.

estimation In the example shown, on this page, the Playmaking skill is already known and then by playing the player as a forward and producing a star rating, we can then estimate the current skill in Wing, Passing and Scoring. In this example, we can't estimate goalkeeper or defence skills because the star ratings are too old.

Basically - the more that actual skills that are known and the more star ratings, from different positions, are also known, then the higher the accuracy of the estimate. How this is actually calculated is shown here.

Why is there only one player who has current skill estimations?

The process to calculate the current skill is very complex and so, we do this for only one player. It is not possible to choose which player is chosen for this and so a player is chosen randomly and then the calculation for that player's unknown current skills is made.

If we tried to estimate the current skill, for every player, for every hy user we would use up all the processor time of our server. Therefore, if you would like to find out the current skill estimates of more than this one player, then you have to use some credits. By doing this, it gives us the opportunity - if more people want to know more skills - to increase our server capacity

How does this work?

The calculation is very complex and hard to explain because it takes into account many different aspects of both your player and others. However, we feel it is a very good estimate and therefore explain what will help your chances to predict what skills you need to train etc.

When we calculate the skills for a player we look at which positions he has played in the last 14 days. We then compare his star ratings with other players, who have played in the same position in the last 14 days and where we already know the skills. We look at as many similar players as possible to calculate the current skill level, of your player. Only players that are nearly identical are used for the calculation and so the estimate should be within half a level. If we can't predict a skill to this accuracy then we will not show it.

These points briefly explains what is needed for an actual estimate to be made:

  • The player must have played in a position relevant for the skill to calculate, within the last 14 days
  • The more relevant skills and star ratings that are known, then the higher the accuracy of the estimate
  • Only users who invest credits can get estimations for more than one player

Current skill estimate - what is the difference between estimate and the prognosis?

Maybe you are asking yourself why you need this actual skill estimate, when there is already a skill prognosis section. This is because this new actual-skill predictor is far more accurate. The new calculator takes far more positions and skills into account, whereas the prognosis calculator uses only a single position and does not take the skill development of the players into account.

For the Manual click here!
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