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Importing coach comments

Importing coach comments

Video: Importing coach comments:
Copy and paste the training report from Hattrick into Hattrick Youthclub, as shown in the video . (Do not include the 'welcome' and 'farewell' phrases, as they are not required.)
The following page then shows all the information that you have entered, which allows you to check that everything is correct. If all the comments in your report, copied from Hattrick, are not showing correctly and you know that you have not made any errors in copying them, then please contact us; as there could be a new or updated coach comment that is not yet in our database.

Possible errors for comments that could not be read
  • A comment was not copied correctly and therefore parts of the comment were missing.

If you have checked these and there is still a problem, it will probably be because of a new or updated coach comment. If so, please contact the appropriate translator.

As well as being able to insert coach comments using copy & paste, you can also do them manually. To do this, go to the line-up page of the appropriate match and then next to the player, you want to add a comment for, click on the Coach comment icon (). This will then go to a page with all the known coach comments on it (classified in various categories), where you will first need to click on the appropriate category and then on the respective comment that your player received.

Importing made easier with → Foxtrick
For the Manual click here!
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