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Players Page

First of all any new player or palyers need to be added - click here to see how this can be done import players

On the 'players' page all the players, that are currently play in your youth academy, are listed (NOTE - you need to have entered them yourself, for them to show). Underneath the player's name are his Hattrick-ID, date of birth, his exact age, when he joined the club and in which position he has performed best (the star rating is shown).

  • The date of birth is calculated in Hattrick years, which means 112 days = 1 Hattrick year.
  • If a player's best performance (highest star rating) was due to a positive weather event this will not be taken into account.

Spielerseite Next to the player's name is the scout button icon , so that you can edit or even just look at all the available scout comments. If you added a player by importing the source code, the scout comments will be already inserted.

If a player has a speciality a corresponding symbol appears next to his name - coach and scout comments, as well as weather events (from which a specialty can be deduced) are all taken into account.
Players who have a high leadership level, according any appropriate comment, have a captain's armband shown next to the name.

- Technical
- Unpredictable
- Quick
- Powerful
- Head
- Regainer

- Captain's Armband, for players with a high level of leadership (LS 5 or 6)

- This player has a twin brother, so additional information about this player's skills are avialable. These are highlighted at the bottom of the players attributes page. For more information read here!

- This player was scouted by a scout or coach from the NT U20 and added to his favorites - so he's got the attention of the national team :-) (for other countries, there is off course a different flag)

By clicking on the player's name you can open the players attributes page. Here you will find even more important information about your player.

The second column shows the number of matches, goals and cards that the player has completed/scored/received until now. Beneath you can see two buttons – one to show his previous performances , the other to make a prediction .

In the next column you can fire players or promote players - NOTE, you should only do so if you actually fired or promoted him in Hattrick. If it is still not possible to promote the player, instead of the promote button the number of days until you can promote him appears.
In the left column you can edit the player or delete the player.

Deleted players can not be restored and all performances and comments are lost.
Also, promoting and firing can not be undone.

For the Manual, click here!

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