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What are 'Twins'?

Twins or Clones are duplicate players that occur in Hattrick. On their 'birth' (inclusion), in Hattrick, each of the twins has the same actual skills and potential skills. It is also possible for there to be triplets or even quadruplets.
Twins must have one of the following things in common:

  • They look similar. Please note that skin color, hair color and hair cut can be different!
  • They have the same name and the same number of days behind their age in years. The number of years is not important; it is the number of days that counts. For example, a player who is 15 years and 4 days old and a player who is 17 years and 4 days old can be twins.
However, please take note, not every player who meets these criteria is a twin!

As a Hattrick Youthclub user do I gain any advantages from 'twins'?

Yes, you have the additional possibilities to learn the actual and potential skills of your player's twin brother of the youth team of a manager who is registered with HY.

How do I know if one of my players has a 'twin'?

If one of your players has a twin then it is shown with this icon Possible twin - which is shown next to the player on either the players' overview page or that player's personal page. When you click on the icon it will show you the possible twin, or twins, of your player and their currently known skills and potentials; so that you can then compare the data of your player with that of the twin. With each one you can choose if you think it really is a twin “—“ or if you think it is not a twin “non-Twin”. When you have marked a player as a twin, then the known values of the twin will also be shown.If you are not completely sure about a twin-pairing we would recommend that you mark it as “non-Twin“. It is then easier to see when the player has a new potential twin. You can cancel/change your decisions at any time.

Initially, if one of your players was confirmed as a 'twin', this additional information will also be shown in the overview. Please also remember to confirm your player as a twin.

For the Manual click here!
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