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 ====== Scouts ====== ====== Scouts ======
-On the 'Scout' page you have to enter your scouts - this is necessary if you want to enter your playersIf you always keep the scout-page  up-to-date then you have the advantage that your finance summary is also always up-to-date. To add a new scout just click on the insert-icon {{:add.png|Hinzufügen}} in a column where no scout has been entered yet.  + 
-When adding new scout, it is necessary that you enter his name, the region and the date that you hired him.\\+We can fetch the current (region) information of your active scouts via CHPPBy clicking on a scout's name, you can get a list of all regions where the scout has scouted for players. There you can also edit the regions, can add or edit region switch, and edit the firing date for the scouts
 +===== Editing scouts and their regions ===== 
 +A region switch is detected during syncso use the sync to insert a region switch and do not use edit the (old) region.
 \\ \\
 +By clicking on the edit-button {{:edit.png|edit}} you can adjust the region and the region switching costs, which might have accured, but please keep in mind, that you should edit only old regions to get rid of errors. 
 \\ \\
-**Editing already inserted scouts:**\\ +If there is former region switche which is not listed in HY then you can insert it manually by clicking on the add-button {{:add.png|add}} and entering the date, the region and the costs of the region switch.
-For scout that is already active you will find two "edit-buttons": {{:edit.png|edit}}. With the edit-button, next to the name of the scout, you can edit the name of the scout or indicate when the scout was fired. With the edit-button next to the region, you can edit the region where the scout is active. You should only do this if you want to correct erroneous entries. When your scout has switched regions you have to click on the insert-icon {{:add.png|Hinzufügen}}. With a region switch you have to indicate when it took place and insert the costsif any. +
-In the last column (next to the date the scout was hired) {{:fire.png|gefeuert}} you can you can specify that you fired the scout and when you did so.+
-\\ +===== Eski bir gözcü (kovulmuş) ekleme ===== 
-With click on the name of a scoutyou can see all the regions in which he has been used so far+"Eski gözcü ekle" ibaresine tıklayıp eski gözcünüzü Youthclub'ekleyebilirsiniz. Gözcünün adını, bölgesiniişe alındığı ve kovulduğu tarihleri girebilirsiniz.
 \\ \\
 \\ \\
-<note>The scout-region always has to be up to date. This ensures that when you enter new players they are automatically assigned to the correct region.</note>+<note tip>Kılavuz [[manual|burada]]!</note>
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