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Introduction (inofficial)

Introduction (inofficial)

This guide was written by hattrick youthclub user Afro-Man (thank you!) and is no official guide by HT team. Feel free to add or improve it :) .

What is hattrick youthclub (HY) and why would I use it?

'hattrick youthclub' is a browser-based tool for managing your youth academy and it provides support for analyzing the data. You can manage all current and former youth players and all league and friendly matches, including the player ratings and coach comments.

But there's more to it than that: Scout and coach comments are clearly laid out and all current and potential skill levels of your players are listed. You can see at a glance if a player has reached his maximum skill level or how far he's away from it.

Do you want to know which position is best for a certain player or if a player fits your training concept, for the senior team? Do you want to see all known skill levels for a specific skill, of all your current players, at a glance or analyze the player skills based on the training notes? Then the skill analyzer provides all the support you need and its accuracy is improving day by day as our player data pool steadily grows.

But that's not all: 'hattrick youthclub' offers many useful features like showing you if or when you can promote a player to your senior team and you'll also be reminded if a player is approaching the age of 19 shortly or if he has already reached it. A profit and loss statement, of your youth academy, shows you quickly and easily how profitable your academy is. Additionally you'll discover a lot of tiny useful features which improve the manageability of your youth academy.

We're working continuously on the improvement of this tool. It's worth taking a regular look at the 'news', to stay up-to-date.

hattrick youthclub is CHPP licenced and all available CHPP services are implemented!

How to start with using hattrick youthclub?

Go to website http://www.hattrick-youthclub.org/site/welcome. First, switch to a language that suits you the best. You will do that when you click on the small window below youthclub image.

In order to register click on button “Register”. hattrick youthclub is a CHPP product and therefore you will have to grant access to use the information of your team from Hattrick website.

After the registration, login and you run the sync. In order to do that you have to click on the icon that is at the top of the page. It looks like a green circle with two white arrows.

Synchronizing can take some time, depending on how long you have had your youth academy and how much data needs to be synced.

When the sync has finished the following tasks has to be performened:

● add your current players;

● add promoted players;

● add fired players;

● add your previous matches and choose the trainings that you had in those matches;

● add your scouts;

● add your players that you have promoted and sold and you can add the profit of selling those. …

All of this will help you to track the progress of your players and expand the HY players base (which helps other managers too).

What are the important and useful features that are offered to us by hattick youthclub?

HY has many useful features so let’s introduce them:



Calendar is very useful when it comes to tracking many different things. In the calendar, the following things are noted:

● dates of matches;

● birthdays of players;

● dates when you can promote your players;

● dates when you added your players in your youth academy;

● dates when you have fired your players;

● dates when it is expected for your players to level up their skills;

● dates when you can arrange your friendly matches.


Here you can see all your previous matches (if you have uploaded them). You can see the report of the match and the ratings for each part of your the team. There is also the option to set the training for a match. In addition, you have more features: upload the comments, of your coach, about the match and see your formation, your players and how many stars they had in the match.


In finances you can see you expenses and profits from your youth academy. You can see how high the expenses are and how much have you earned from promoting and selling your players.


Here you can see the scouts that work for you, when you have employed them and when you have changed the region (where they are/were looking for players).


Here you can see:

● your current players;

● promoted players;

● sold players;

● fired players;

● rejected players;

● twins (this will be explained in detail a bit later);

● hall of fame (players that you have promoted and now they are in the hall of fame);

● ignored players.

On these pages you can see your current and your former players. The most important page is TWINS.


This page is very useful because you may find out the current and potential skill levels of your players, even though you have not discovered them yet.

Next to your players possible twin players (players from other HY users) (if available) are shown. They may have some maximum skills discovered that your player doesn’t have and vice versa. The possible twins and your player does look pretty similar and the age in number of days is the same – please note that the year can be different. That other player is a potential twin of your player. HY cannot detect if the player is a real twin or not, thus the decision is up to you. Compare your player with the potential twin. If the known maximum skills levels are equal (ignoring the subskill) then mark that other player as twin of your player.

If you have marked the player as twin you will see all information from this player included in your player's data as well. When there is news about the twin player you will get an information as well. Thanks to the twin information you do know more about your player and thus you can reduce the time you need to discover all skills and potentials of your player.


Skill matrix

This is a very useful feature because you can see - on a single page - , all you current and maximum skill levels, for all your players and you can also see their specialities. Additionaly you can see which three skills are most important for every player (top3 skills) - they are marked with a star(*) - and the relevance of your players, which indicates how much attention you should pay on every player.

Position matrix

Here you can see the number of stars for each of your players, for every position he has played.

Skill analysis

Here you can see the sum of the training that a player has received and how much more he needs to level up. Therefore, you can see the sublevel for each skill.

Position analysis

It shows the current and maximum level, of most important skills, for each of the chosen positions. (positions are chosen in the left top below the menu).


Friendly pool

Here you can arrange your friendly matches. In order to do that you need to add your email address, in your settings, so that you can receive an email as soon as an friendly has been arranged with the information about your opponent.

Lineup help

Very useful! Lineup help recommends how to set your formation, so that the players are in suitable positions to get the best out of the training.

Training-speed calculator

This is one of the most used tools - it calculates how many matches a player has to play in a certain position so that his skill level goes up.

Training speed

In these tables you can see how many matches a player of certain age (with days) needs to play on a certain position until he will level up in a skill.

Injury calculator

Tool that helps you calculate how much time a player needs to recover from an injury.

Does hattrick youthclub have some more options or that's all?

HY has many more options, including:

● My HY

Here you can find: setting-up your profile, memos, bookmarks, settings and buying credits.

● Messages

● NT

Here you can find information about your NT and statistics about Hattrick tournaments.

● Community

Here you can find the forum, chat, Hattrick federations, search for other users and participate in hy betting game.

● About us

You can inform here about hattrick youthclub and iits creators and find statistics and some other options.

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