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NT Scouts

You are the scout for your country and you want to look on our site for talented players?

The U20 or the NT coach can register you, with our site, as a scout. You can then look for talented players throughout our whole database. If you are a scout of a national team but not registered with us yet, then talk to your U20 or NT coach. As soon as he has registered you as a scout, you just have to log out and then in again so that the changes can be accepted.

Once this has been done and you have received the scout access rights you will find, in ‘My HY’ menu, the item ‘NT Scouting’. When you click on this, you will access the player database search.

If the national coach has problems with your registration, please send him a link to this site.

The national coaches can set one scout as chief scout. The chief scout can add, update and delete other scouts as well. Please note that the chief scout is automatically reset every season and then need to be defined again.

National team scouts automatically get scouting permissions in HY.

Tips for the U20 coach and NT coach


The Hattrick Youthclub site will automatically recognise you as U20 or NT trainer and as such you will have additional access rights. You will be able to register scouts and, of course, delete them again. Besides that, you will be able to search for talented players throughout the database.

How to add/delete scouts

In ‘NT’ menu you can find the item - ‘NT scouts’. This is where you, as a U20 or NT coach, can register your scouts by entering their HT User-name. Any scout that you want to add has to be already registered with HY. Once registered, the scout has to log out and in again, before he can begin scouting himself. To delete scouts you just have to click on the delete button, after their name.

Hattrick Portal Tracker

When the youth player on the national teams favorites list get promoted they can be transferred to Hattrick Portal Tracker. Hattrick Portal Tracker automatically fetches them (at least once a day - in a 20h rhythm) and add them to its database. The senior scouts who use Hattrick Portal Tracker can find them at “U20 Team” → “Alerts” → “New players”, see screenshot:

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Why disappear skill information for players who were known before?

When a user synchronizes with HT we delete all current skill information for all current players. We do so because based on the new information from HT (gathered during the sync) the skill calculation has to be re-done. Thus after a sync no skill information for a player are there to display.

But we trigger the skill calculation automatically when the user opens a page (like skill matrix) where the skills has to be displayed. Important to know is, that only the owning manager of the player can trigger this calculation and not a scout. Thus if a scout opens a favorite list and the user has not triggered a skill calculation after a synchronization, no skill information can be displayed for the player.

We are aware that this is not an optimal situation for the scouts, but since the skill calculation is a very performance-heavy task, we cannot perform it, whenever needed. Right now the scouts have to tell the user to open the skill matrix (after each sync) to ensure that all skills are available. Most users do open the skill matrix after a sync anyway.

(The “skill matrix” is only an example, the user can [for example] also open the lineup recommendation, or the player details for each of his players.)

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