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 ====== Matches page ====== ====== Matches page ======
- +On this page you find the played matches of your youth team. The latest matches get automatically downloaded during a sync, which normally takes place after you have logged in. At the end of the sync you have to enter the primary and secondary training you have set on Hattrick.org.  
-On the 'Matches' page you can download your played matches directly from Hattrick.org. From these downloaded matches, you are then able see comprehensive information about them including the result, the chosen training regime, the weather and the ratings that your team achieved.\\ +You find a lot of information to all played matches, like the result, the primary and secondary training setting, number of spectators, the weatheryour team ratings etc.!\\ 
-{{ :matches1.jpg|Spiele Seite}}If you click on the red/green Icon {{:sync.gif|Spiele mit Hattrick abgleichen}} next to "Synchoronize matches with Hattrick", the latest match/matches will be downloaded from Hattrick. Older matches can be downloaded by clicking on the Icon {{:sync_old.gif|Alte Spiele mit Hattrick abgleichen}} next to "Add old not yet existing matches" +{{ :matches1.jpg|Matches page}}You can download older matches which you have not yet inserted into HY by click on the link "Add old not yet existing matches" {{:sync_old.gif|Add old not yet existing matches}}. 
-<note>Note - a player who received a red card or a player who was injured when no substitute player was available, can not be automatically downloaded. This is because Hattrick.org does not provide the necessary information, through CHPP, for this and so for instances like these you must put the player in the line up manually. +<note>Why I have to enter the primary and secondary training setting for each match at the end of the sync? 
-  * What can be downloaded via CHPP? ->[[http://www.hattrick-youthclub.org/site/chpp_info|CHPP-Info]] +  * Unfortunately we do not get any information about the primary and secondary training setting via CHPP. But for a correct (sub-) skill calculation it is elementar that you set-up the right training in HY for each match.
-  * [[manual#Add Performances Manually]]+
 </note> </note>
-"Matches" page - if you click on the line-up symbol {{:lineup.gif|}} or on the name of your opponentyou are then taken to the line-up page, of the match in questionOn this page page you can also see the Hatstats of your team and your opponent (bottom of the page) and there is also the option to edit or delete the performance of each player -> [[manual#add performances manually]]\\ +By clicking on the lineup icon {{:lineup.gif|lineup}} or on the name of the opponent you get to the lineup page for the corresponding match. There you can see the Hatstats for both teams.  
-**Attention:** All additional added data, such as coach comments, your own comment or [[manual#Changes in players positions|position changes]] will be lost and have to be input again when you re-add mtaches.\\ +On the right hand side you can edit (primary and secondary training) and delete the match.\\ 
 <note tip>For the manual, click [[manual|here]]!</note> <note tip>For the manual, click [[manual|here]]!</note>
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